Dynamic planner to hire 20 employees before the end of the year

Dynamic Planner would like to hire 20 employees in different areas of the company by the end of the year.

This includes product development, IT, and customer success and account management teams.

Ben Goss, Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Planner, told Money Marketing, “During the lockdown, Dynamic Planner expanded rapidly, with usage of some modules increasing more than 300% as consultants reached out to Dynamic Planner to talk to customers their reviews and cash flow plans via zoom and skype.

“As a result, we’ve doubled our growth plans and hired 21 people during the lockdown, with the goal of hiring an additional 20 by the end of this year.

“We were able to attract some fantastic new team members, such as Stephanie Willcox, our Head of Actuarial Implementation (formerly at eValue) and Miriam Toumi, our Investment Risk Manager, who was previously Senior Risk Manager at abrdn in Luxembourg.

“We are accelerating investments in our product development team as we continue to build Dynamic Planner to be the financial planning system companies need. We are also recruiting our IT team to further develop our API and integrations with back offices, CRMs and platforms so that Dynamic Planner users don’t have to re-enter data.

Finally, we recognize that greater enterprise use of financial planning technology in a hybrid world will require change management and adoption assistance, and so we are expanding our award-winning customer success and account management teams to ensure we continue to improve on this important task can support. “

In addition, Dynamic Planner aims to expand its sustainability planning and cash flow capabilities. These innovations will be presented at a company conference in February.

Goss added, “We led the market last year by providing Dynamic Planner users with a psychometric profiling questionnaire to help consultants have good conversations with clients about their sustainability preferences.

“The questionnaire helps to reduce the noise about sustainability and to find out how important this is for investors when building their portfolios.

“We’ve also invested in all of the ESG market data from MSCI, the first in the industry to do this for advisory firms, so almost all of the funds we profile have an ESG score and risk profile that the advisor can match the preferences of the customer.

“For the future we have some exciting plans to expand our capacities in both sustainability planning and cash flow, which we will present at our conference in February.”

Dynamic Planner published its sustainable investing questionnaire in May 2021.

The psychometric questionnaire for sustainable investing was developed with the help of a focus group of advisors.

Louis Williams, Head of Psychology and Behavioral Research at Dynamic Planner, led the development of the questionnaire.

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