Professor Moshe A. Milevsky, senior retired architect in

TORONTO, November 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Professor Moshe A. Milevsky, Chief Retirement Architect working with Guardian Capital LP, was featured in the documentary The Baby Boomer Dilemma: An Exposé of America’s Retirement Experiment. In the film, Moshe appears alongside some of America’s leading economists on retirement income, including Nobel Prize winners and government leaders.

“I am proud that my research and work in this area is given the opportunity to reach a wider public,” said Professor Milevsky. “It’s exciting to see it on both sides of the border too, as this is a film made in the US that focuses on issues that apply to so many.”

Professor Milevsky appears along with distinguished economists from various US institutions and universities in the first film to be judged by the Motion Picture Association, which focuses on retirement income.

A world-renowned, award-winning speaker, commentator, and expert on pension finance, Professor Milevsky works exclusively with Guardian Capital LP in Canada. He is often sought after by governments and practitioners to educate about modern challenges in the market for retirement income and to develop solutions.

The film is showing in theaters in the US and can be streamed and downloaded in Canada. You can watch the trailer here.

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