Neutron star burst 100,000 years of solar energy in the blink of an eye

For the first time, scientists have succeeded in measuring the energy of a magnetic star that bursts 100,000 years of solar energy in 1/10 of a second.

For the first time, scientists have the most violent moments of a neutron star in. measured place. The universe is full of violent, dramatic and high energy events. However, most high-energy events, including those from black holes, remain unexplained.

Artificial intelligence is being used more and more every day in different scientific fields. It is used in astronomy because of its processing speeds and helps to identify rare events. The University of Valencia’s IPL image processing laboratory uses AI for space exploration and has recently earned a salary for detecting floods from space. You work with ASIM. A telescopic instrument mounted on the International Space Station.


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Scientists at the University of Valencia have measured the energy released by a neutron star. In just a tenth of a second, faster than the blink of an eye, the star released the same amount of energy as the sun did in 100,000 years. The team focused their shot on an extremely rare star. Their main goal was to solve a 20 year old mystery whether the eruptions of magnetars involve high frequency vibrations.

Neutron stars, magnetars and high-energy bursts

Photo via NASA ISS.

There is an even stranger type of star among the neutron star cluster. These contain a mass of around half a million earths, which are packed and compressed to a small diameter of 20 kilometers. Known as magnetars, they are famous for their violent eruptions and explosions. Magnetars also create the strongest magnetic fields ever observed in space and are a great visual experience. However, magnetars are unusually rare. To date only 30 magnetars have been discovered.

Victor Regelo, the study’s researcher, said that ASIM discovered the eruption on board the ISS in the middle of last year. “It was a 10 ** 16 Gauss neutron star and was in a different galaxy. A real cosmic monster, ”says Regulator. These massive neutron stars have such gravitational forces that if an object 2 centimeters small were to hit them, the detonation would be like 10,000 nuclear hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time.

It is believed that neutron bursts are caused by “earthquakes” inside the star. The ASIM telescope on board the ISS was the only telescope that could register the eruption without saturation. The main challenge of the study was to analyze a lot of data that took place in just two seconds. ASIM can independently recognize events and decide when events are recorded. It’s programmed this way because high energy bursts are very unpredictable. This new study paves the way to understanding high energy and radio bursts that can affect the earth and are considered to be the most mysterious phenomena in the world place.

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Source: PhysOrg

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