Seven frightening details in the Jennifer Dulos case

Just before Christmas, police resumed their search for Missing Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos and involved K9 search teams in a “standard” follow-up investigation.

The re-search takes place almost two years after alleged killer husband Fotis Dulos committed suicide, but several secrets remain beneath the terrifying details of the case – including what happened to five-year-old mother Jennifer Dulos.


Jennifer Dulos disappeared in 2019, leaving behind her five childrenPhoto credit: New Canaan Police
Her husband, Fotis Dulos, protests his innocence in his suicide note


Her husband, Fotis Dulos, protests his innocence in his suicide notePhoto credit: Norm Pattis

Man’s farewell letter alleging innocence

Fotis died of suicide in January 2020, while in this case he faced murder, kidnapping, and several other charges.

According to police, he tried to get carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage.

He died in a New York hospital after never regaining consciousness.

In his last note before attempting suicide, Fotis insisted on being innocent and not killing his wife.

In his suicide note, Dulos described the case against him as “a story made up by law enforcement” and claimed that “the state will not rest until I rot in prison”.

He also wrote, “I refuse to spend an hour more in prison for something I had NOTHING to do with.

“Enough is enough.

The note reportedly did not bring the authorities any closer to the discovery of Jennifer Dulos.

Mistress helped develop “alibi scripts” with Fotis

“Sometimes I hope she goes away,” Fotis reportedly told his then-lover Michelle Troconis during his ongoing divorce battle.

Troconis revealed the statement in an interview with police shortly after Jennifer Dulos went missing, according to an arrest warrant received from The Sun.

This warrant also indicates that Troconis alleged that she and Fotis were intimate on the morning his wife went missing in order to provide their lover with an alibi.

Troconis later admitted to investigators that she used Fotis to develop “alibi scripts” detailing her activities on May 24th and 25th to protect her innocence, according to the New York Post.

Troconis appeared before the Stamford Supreme Court, where she and Dulos’ attorney Kent Mawhinney were both charged with conspiracy to murder.

Days after Jennifer disappeared, Fotis Dulos had his truck described in detail


Days after Jennifer disappeared, Fotis Dulos had his truck described in detailPhoto credit: Connecticut Police Department

“Gone Girl” allegations

Mr Dulos’ attorney, Norm Pattis, alleged the mother of five faked her own disappearance in order to cheat on her estranged spouse.

He said her disappearance may have come from the pages of “Gone Girl,” a 2012 novel turned into a 2014 movie about a woman faking her own murder and artistically framing her husband.

However, authorities claim that Fotis Dulos washed and detailed his vehicle days after it disappeared.

Investigators have also accused Fotis of putting pressure on his employee to change the truck’s seats.

They also claimed Troconis helped Fotis Dulos dispose of garbage bags containing Jennifer Dulos’ blood.

Jennifer’s DNA was found in the employee’s truck, authorities said.

With Jennifer’s body still not found, those who hold Fotis innocent claim that Jennifer disappeared of her own accord.

Jennifer wrote about “being in a body bag”

In a 2012 blog post, Jennifer described the difficulty of sleeping with her young daughter, Noelle.

She hinted at the tension and lack of sleep she and her daughter got when her husband was home and explained how much better it was when he went.

She said, “It wasn’t when my husband Fotis wasn’t here. We had more space. Me and she (and he, somewhere far away) slept better.

“But if Fotis is to come back next Tuesday (he’s leaving today) then we have to take care of it. That can mean she’s crying, but it’s just so heartbreaking.”

In the Post, Jennifer dreamed of getting some sleep at a luxury resort in Mexico called Las Ventanas, “which Jennifer Aniston visits often.”

But the blog ended on a terrifying note: “Oh, Noelle, I know that too will pass. But I’m afraid I might be stuck in a body bag by then … darling, your mother. “



A “human grave” was associated with the fallImage credit: WTNH

Authorities linked a “human grave” with a case

Fotis ‘friend Kent Mawhinney was arrested in early 2020 after state police said they had been made aware of a “human grave” where Jennifer Dulos’ body may have been laid, the Stamford Advocate reported.

Two male members of the Windsor Rod & Gun Club, which Mawhinney founded, came across a hole on the property that was about 2½ feet wide, 6 feet long and 3½ feet deep.

According to Mawhinney’s arrest warrant, the hole has been described as “100% a human grave”.

Although no body was found, Mawhinney was arrested for conspiracy to murder.

Mawhinney has been described as a close friend of Fotis Dulos and was once represented in a civil lawsuit filed by his mother-in-law.

Mawhinney has pleaded not guilty.

Horrible, “blood-splattered” garage

Splashes of blood indicate that, according to experts, Jennifer Dulos was “violently and brutally attacked in a garage and incapacitated with cable ties.”

Security footage reportedly shows Jennifer’s SUV returning to her New Caanan Connecticut home before disappearing, where Fotis’ warrant said police believed it was “on the lookout”.

“My personal belief is that a major, violent attack took place in this garage,” Connecticut State Police Sergeant Kenneth Ventresca told Dateline.

“Whether she was beaten to death while standing and then fell to the ground between the vehicles. You can see splatters of blood under the vehicles, I mean the drive shaft, under the passenger running boards,” he added.

Zip ties are considered “new evidence” that Dulos planned her murder, according to Connecticut Attorney Richard Colangelo.

“The most revealing, frankly, were the zip ties that were cut and had Jennifer’s blood on them,” he said.

Authorities believe that Jennifer was being held back with the zippers.

Fotis Dulos was believed to have several lovers, including Anna K Curry


Fotis Dulos was believed to have several lovers, including Anna K CurryPhoto credit: Getty

Girlfriend looked like missing mom Jennifer

Anna K Curry has reportedly provided $ 147,000 in cash and vowed to pay an additional $ 272,000 to secure the $ 6 million bond that Fotis placed after he committed the murder of his estranged spouse was charged.

According to documents obtained from, Curry was seen at Dulos’s home in the hours before his attempted suicide.

She left Dulos’ house around 10:30 a.m. to run errands, only to return to find police officers fighting in the driveway to resuscitate him after he tried to commit suicide, it is said.

Sources confirmed that Curry, who bears a striking resemblance to Fotis’ missing wife Jennifer, was in a relationship with him.

A neighbor told, “A young woman has been to Fotis home several times in the past few months.

“They were jogging together. She drove one of his cars. “

According to her LinkedIn, she worked for four years at Capgemini, a consulting firm in New York, as a senior consultant in wealth management strategy from 1999 to 2003

Dulos overlapped her time with the company when he was a manager at Capgemini for seven years from 1997 to 2004.

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