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FARGO – OneFargo organizers are planning a protest they call the “Chief Todd Retirement Rally,” which is due to take place on the sidewalk outside Fargo Police Headquarters on Friday July 31st, Chief David Todd’s last day of work before he is retiring.

“As devoted members of the community, we want to make sure Police Chief David Todd spends his last day doing what he likes best: pretending to be at war with the people of Fargo and attempting peaceful protests to suppress “, OneFargo said in a Facebook statement about the event planned for Friday 4-6pm.

Mayor Tim Mahoney said in a statement on the protest: “The City of Fargo respects the right of residents to legally assemble and demonstrate peacefully. The city remains ready to protect the safety of residents, their livelihoods and urban infrastructure, if necessary. ”

Fargo police declined to comment on how to respond to the protest outside their headquarters at 105 25th St. N. Within hours of OneFargo announcing the protest on Facebook, over 50 people replied that they were leaving and over 160 said they were interested.

“We cannot emphasize enough that this is sure to be a peaceful protest. We invite Fargo Police to climb their windows and dress all of their officers in combat clothing if they feel the need. The voice of the community needs to be heard, ”said OneFargo’s statement.

City spokesman Ty Filey said it doesn’t seem protesters need a permit. “If they gather on a sidewalk, they don’t need to get permission from local residents. You just can’t block the right of way, ”said Filey.

The organizers of OneFargo and Black Lives Matter, both groups pushing for local police reforms, have moved to dismiss Todd over the events of May 30th, as a peaceful protest march to the police stations in Fargo and West Fargo later in downtown Fargo became violent. Former deputy chief Todd Osmundson went undercover without permission during the downtown protest that day, leading to an ongoing investigation by the North Dakota Attorney General.

During the rally on Friday, OneFargo organizers plan to raise concerns that Fargo city commissioners are appointing deputy chief Ross Renner as interim police chief as he is involved in the attorney general’s investigation. They are concerned that no public opinion was heard on Renner’s appointment during the city commission’s meeting on Monday, July 27th.

When OneFargo organizer Wess Philome stood up during the meeting to raise concerns about this lack of public input, his microphone was turned off. At the time, Mahoney said to Philome, “If you want to talk about what the Commission is doing now, do so…. That’s not on the agenda, Wess. ”

“Chief Todd should have been fired and not retired, but we’ll make sure history remembers his greatest moments, including emails calling protesters fighting for basic human rights as’ thugs, locals Terrorists and alligators’ are called, “OneFargo said in its statement.

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