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Financial planning is extremely necessary and if we have a proper financial planning roadmap it will be beneficial for the future. The planning can be done by yourself or with the help of a professional. Financial planning gives you a comprehensive overview of your assets. It is noteworthy that financial planning is not a day-to-day business, but a continuous structuring of the roadmap through research and the installation of various strategies.

How do you get secure financial planning?

There are many companies that take great care of financial structuring.

GoalTeller was founded by Vivek Banka and Abhisek Puglia and will help you achieve your financial goals.

Based in Bengaluru, GoalTeller is dedicated to helping users create financial plans and solve a wide variety of their financial problems with the help of automated and predictive technology.

GoalTeller’s proprietary algorithms simulate different life situations and create a bespoke financial plan that includes investments, insurance, taxes, goals and more. Your fully automated advice ensures that your recommendations are communicated uniformly to all users. The platform would continuously prompt and nudge users, and all of those prompts / nudges are hyper-personalized. It is aimed at everyone, from young first-time earners to those who are already on their way to wealth creation.

Aspects covered

Investments: Covers all aspects of investing, including asset allocation based on risk profile, diversification and choosing the right instruments. It also offers users personalized ratings based on their investments.

Lifestyle: Takes care of the expenses, savings, ensures that the user’s lifestyle is consistent with the goals set by the user and is sustainable.

Security: While traditional consultants only concentrate on insurance, GoalTeller not only looks after the future of the family through insurance, but also ensures smooth succession planning in the event that something happens to the main breadwinner.

Taxes: Advice on tax-effective investments and optimization tools for better tax planning.

Analytics: A sophisticated tool that provides deep insights into a user’s finances and better plans for returns.

In addition to acting as an investment advisor, the company acts as a personal financial advisor. The platform would serve both retailers and the wealthy mass consumer. It will be a ‘freemium’ platform that will allow users to get concrete results in the free module, while more detailed advice will be given in the premium and super-premium modules. GoalTeller also offers a wide range of quick and free tools to help users find solutions to their financial dilemmas by following a few simple steps without having to sign up.

Every emergency has many requirements, and those requirements affect financial goals. GoalTeller’s tools and advice suggest short- and long-term changes to users that will help them stay on track. If certain goals are not achievable, they suggest alternative goals or alternative funding options.

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