Energy Insider: China’s clean energy generation exceeds 1 trillion kWh

In Today’s Caixin Energy News: China Launches Climate Finance Pilot Programs To Help Local Governments Green Transition; State Asset Inspectorate Takes Control of Southern Power Grid; PipeChina manages 60% of the country’s gas supply.

China’s clean power generation exceeds 1 trillion kWh

China’s cumulative annual electricity generation from renewable sources topped 1 trillion kilowatt hours (kWh) for the first time, up a third from the same time last year when the country plans to meet its 2030 climate commitments. Around 13.8% of electricity consumption was generated by the new energies sector, 2.14% more than in the previous year. Among all renewable energy sources, wind power took the top position with a total electricity generation of 586.67 billion kWh and an increase of 40.8% compared to the previous year. Electricity generation from solar energy rose by 24.3% to 300.9 billion kWh and from bioenergy by 23.4% to 148.0 billion kWh.

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