Ravindra Jadeja Retirement: Why did Ravindra Jadeja have to refute his retirement news on social media?

Ravindra Jadeja retired: India’s all-rounder had to use his social media access to clear the air about his retirement.

Fake news and its spread is not a new phenomenon. It goes back many decades. But the phenomenon of social media coupled with easy internet access has made its consumption accessible in a split second.

While we have a more than fair understanding of the symptoms of the disease, we have made no effort to spread the cure available – the process / methods of avoiding fake news sound believable and review it.

Indian Cricket was also a victim of this fake news disease a few weeks to a few hours ago, especially under the guise of “BCCI officials” or top sources in their area.

Be it Virat Kohli’s T20I and ODI captain, reports of his alleged break with Rohit Sharma, or recent “reports” of Ravindra Jadeja’s decision to withdraw from Test Cricket, the so-called “sources” continue to do what they know best. invite a few clickbaits.

While the affected target usually doesn’t respond to such a rumor mill, someone like a Jadeja will see to it that it is exposed as soon as possible.

Ravindra Jadeja retirement: Jadeja reacts to reports about his retirement

According to some “reports” circulating since Tuesday, Ravindra Jadeja was considering retiring from test cricket in order to continue his white ball career.

At a time when the left-handed all-rounder was excluded from Team India’s test squad for the upcoming South Africa tour due to injury.

Jadeja missed the second test against New Zealand in Mumbai earlier this month due to a swelling in her forearm. However, recent reports indicate that he has torn ligaments that, with surgery, can take months to heal.

After spreading these fake reports, Jadeja had to resort to social media to purify the air and explicitly state that he “has a long way to go” while posting a picture with his test shirt on.

Still a long way to go💪🏻💪🏻 pic.twitter.com/tE9EdFI7oh

– Ravindrasinh jadeja (@imjadeja) December 15, 2021


– Ravindrasinh jadeja (@imjadeja) December 15, 2021

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