Less than 3% of Nigerians have insurance policies – insurance experts

An insurance expert and director of Midfield Insurance Brokers Limited, Mr Deji Bolusemith, said less than three percent of Nigerians have insurance policies.

Bolusemith stated that 90 percent of the three percent are the elite or those in the organized private sector.

He gave the statement to Tribune Online in Lagos on Friday while discussing the reasons for the low recognition of insurance policies among Nigerians.

Explaining the importance of the Eagle Social Welfare Scheme as a policy, the insurance guru stated that adequate and prompt medical care would be available in almost every accident location around the world in all designated government and private hospitals.

He noted, “Nigeria is a nation of over 200 million people. Less than three percent of Nigerians have an insurance policy

“Of these less than three percent, 90 percent are the elites or those in the organized private sector.

For example, the Eagle Social Welfare Scheme policy in all designated government and private hospitals provides adequate and expeditious medical care to reach the masses in almost every accident scene across the country.

“Some people were seriously injured and others died because they couldn’t afford medical expenses. These injuries include knife wounds at home, at work, on the street, and more. You can work and fall on a broken bottle, you fall into your bathroom. As long as it is an accident, it is insured. “

Eagle Search Services of Nigeria Managing Director Olu Ajanaku also stated that Eagle Search and Rescue Services Nigeria is an indigenous company established to provide general data and statistical services such as surveillance, search, rescue, ambulance and medical assistance to accident victims .

Mr Olu went on to say that the company would provide information, care and notifications to all Nigerians across the country, especially in the event of emergencies, adding that the company would assist in performing these services and provide immediate rescue and payment of hospital bills and medical bills other related services provided by partner insurance companies.

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