DSD and Jordan Energy unveil 1.9 MW solar array at Dairy Farmers of America

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Working with Jordan Energy, DSD Renewables announced the completion of a new 1.9 MW open space solar array at a Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) dairy in Middlebury Center, Pennsylvania. The project is helping the family-owned cooperative expand its commitment to a more sustainable future.

Several DFA member dairy farms have already installed solar panels, but this is the first installation at a DFA plant. DFA’s sustainability program is an integral part of the cooperative’s commitment to social responsibility. There are currently almost 200 renewable energy projects running on farms. By 2020, DFA had 15 solar projects in the planning phase at member locations across the country.

“Sustainability and environmental protection are deeply rooted in our family farms. The DFA mark shows our continued commitment to sustainability in all of our efforts to achieve a net zero greenhouse gas footprint, ”said Tom Shephard, Director of Energy Programs at DFA. “Working with DSD and Jordan Energy on the Middlebury Center project supports our growing investments in clean, renewable energy and helps create a sustainable future.”

“Farmers are our original environmentalists,” said Jon Morton, DSD’s vice president of asset acquisitions. “Our approach to solar ownership enables agricultural sites to take advantage of clean energy, cost savings, and our expertise in maintenance and management without disrupting operations or land management.”

The solar project was initiated by the solar development company Jordan Energy & Food Enterprises and later taken over by DSD, which will act as the long-term owner of the solar system.

“We have been working closely with DFA for many years to bring economic and environmental benefits to DFA members and Coop locations such as the Middlebury Center milk processing plant,” says Bill Jordan, founder and CEO of Jordan Energy.

After commissioning, the site will cover 18% of the plant’s annual energy requirements. It will generate an estimated 2,012,633 kWh annually, offsetting the equivalent of 1,426 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. This consumption corresponds to the distance of 310 cars from the road or the equivalent of the energy consumption of 259 households for one year.

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