Nationwide, online banking is shifting to Microsoft Azure

Nationwide has switched its publicly accessible website to Microsoft Azure, making it the building society’s first application to be hosted in the Microsoft cloud.

The move is intended to improve security and user-friendliness and provide more stability in order to better cope with demand peaks.

Peter Nutton, Senior Manager of the website, says, “Over time, our website has grown in size and complexity. So we decided to build a new site from scratch and simplify it. We asked members about their wishes for a new website and observed how they use it. “

To ensure a smooth transition to Azure, Nationwide’s in-house engineers, architects, and deployment teams partnered with consulting firm Contino to run a series of “chaos engineering” test scenarios to ensure that the site would look like it’s new The cloud platform works effectively and reliably.

“We’ve modernized our stores, so our website was the next logical step,” said Lottie Coleman, who is responsible for the look and feel of the Nationwide website. “The design focused on improving our members’ experience by simplifying what you see on screen. However, in addition to freshening up Nationwide’s look and feel, it was equally important to make sure the site was accessible to everyone. And by implementing new technologies, we are able to stay modern and react quickly to the constantly changing needs of our members and the industry. “

The site move comes a year after Nationwide announced it had deployed Microsoft Teams in record time as employees were working from home during the pandemic. The building society also showed its ambition to integrate teams into every meeting room.

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