Introducing the new Canadian underwriter “Your Guide to Insurance Success”

Whatever your role in the industry, you can rightly feel pressured by the demands of an insurance career today. You are certainly dealing with more change and complexity than the people who got the first issue of this magazine in January 1934. To name a few issues that challenge the modern insurance professional: Developing an effective understanding of rapidly spreading risks, from cybercrime to climate change; Dealing with new sales models, emerging competitors and waves of consolidation; the groundhog-day-like cycle of learning new technologies to help you in your job; wonder if the next new technology will do your job.

Hopefully you will find this milieu more stimulating than unnerving. Perhaps you don’t care how you face all of these challenges; Rather, take advantage of the opportunities offered by this dynamic market. Regardless of your perspective, you have more to do and less time than ever before. So we’ve rebuilt Canadian Underwriter Magazine with that pressure in mind.

The relaunch edition of CU includes best practices gathered from the second annual National Broker Survey

The captivating cover picture of the October 2018 issue introduces the magazine’s first redesign since 2008. If you’re wondering if our cover story, IBABC Young Broker of the Year Chelsea Fitzpatrick, is the first step in a slavish search for millennial readers, rest assured it isn’t. (Their appearance is more a matter of chance than design.) The cover, however, marks a clear break with the CU of the past decade.

Most importantly, the magazine’s new tagline, Your Guide to Insurance Success. It expresses the mandate to enrich you with practical knowledge that will help you overcome the confusion of our time. In other words, our priority is to improve your understanding of the problem or opportunity, explain what you can do about it, and then show you the best options – all in one engaging visual package that will give you more insight in shorter time.

The new Canadian underwriter should make it easier to achieve more success, whether it be to build your business, improve customer satisfaction, be a better manager, or just feel less rushed. I hope you view each issue as one of the opportunities to grab this dynamic market.

This story is from the October 2018 issue of Canadian underwriter Magazine. Request your free subscription here.

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