Alberta Credit Unions Gather In Support Of BC Flood Victims – BC News

Credit unions help BC

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The Alberta credit unions have teamed up to serve communities in British Columbia that were recently hit by floods.

Many Albertans can remember the destruction left by the 2013 floods and the effects extreme weather can have.

To fight for their provincial neighbor, credit unions and Alberta Central have together donated more than $ 41,000 to the British Columbia Foods & Extreme Weather Appeal fundraising portal of the Canadian Red Cross.

These funds will benefit communities that have experienced floods, landslides, mudslides, power outages and more as a result of the severe storm.

“As human-centric financial institutions, community support is our priority, whether those communities are in Alberta or across the country, because borders do not define community. We all remember the desperation our members and their communities experienced during the 2013 floods. That’s why Alberta credit unions have come together to help our British Columbia neighbors, “said Benjamin Chappell, President and CEO of Alberta Central.

Alberta Central and its member credit unions hope the donation will continue to grow to support the Canadian Red Cross in relief and recovery efforts already ongoing at the individual and community levels in British Columbia.

To follow your donation path or to donate yourself, click here.

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