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Fenland County Council is sponsoring a national campaign to raise awareness and highlight the support available to those who are struggling to heat their homes.

Tomorrow (Friday, December 3rd) is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. Organized by the National Energy Action (NEA), the day aims to highlight the issues surrounding energy poverty and encourage people to seek support to keep them safe and warm at home.

In the face of falling temperatures and rising energy costs, the Council, together with its partners, recalls the support and advice available to help people experiencing energy poverty or other financial concerns. This contains:

Fenland County Council has partnered with energy consultancy PECT (Peterborough Environment City Trust) to provide free energy advice to households and help residents make their homes warmer, more energy efficient and cheaper.

By booking a free consultation on “Warm Homes” residents receive:

• For more information and to book a “Warm Homes” consultation, contact PECT on 0800 802 1773. Alternatively, send an email to: [email protected] or use the online recommendation form at: www .pect.org.uk / projects / warm houses

The council continues to offer a wide range of technical advice and support through its Covid-19 Community Hub, which was first launched in March last year.

It can help provide assistance to anyone struggling to feed their families or heat their homes as a direct result of the pandemic, and can provide access to the Cambridgeshire County Council Household Support Fund, which provides food, energy and water funding for eligible families provides and related supplies such as clothing, soap and blankets, other supplies such as broadband or telephone bills and transportation costs.

In addition to daily support for those who isolate themselves, e.g.

The counselor can provide free, impartial, and independent financial advice to help with a range of issues including debt, benefits, universal credit entitlements, access to finance, pensions, employment matters, and more.

• Call the hub on 01354 654321 or send an email to: [email protected]

Cllr Samantha Hoy, Fenland County Council Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“Everyone deserves to live in a warm and safe home. With energy prices rising, many people may need assistance to stay warm and safe; and those who are sick or self-isolating may also have concerns about practical difficulties paying their bills.

“Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is a great opportunity to learn more and access the support available across Fenland.”

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