The Best Residential Mortgage Rates 10/1/21

This week, the best debt rescheduling rates at 60% loan-to-value (LTV) stayed the same and from the same lenders.
the best two-year fixed rate rescheduling comes from Platform, part of the Co-operative Bank, with an interest rate of 0.79% (3.8% APR) until December 31, 2023. After the fixed interest rate expires, the interest rate drops to 4.34%. This offer charges £ 1,499 in product fees and offers incentives for a free evaluation, free legal fees and £ 250 cashback. This mortgage is only available through selected intermediaries.
Nationwide building society keeps the best 3-year fixed rate rescheduling in this week. This rescheduling has an interest rate of 0.89% (3.0% APR) for three years and then falls back to 3.59%. It has a £ 999 product fee and free review fees, plus £ 500 cashback on completion or free legal fees.
the lowest five-year fixed rescheduling rate this week is again from HSBC. It offers a fixed interest rate of 0.91% (2.6% APRC) through November 30, 2026, which then falls back to 3.54%. Borrowers who want this rescheduling must be earning a minimum of £ 75,000 per year and have an HSBC Premier checking account. There’s a hefty £ 1,499 fee and incentives for free assessment and free legal fees. Those who don’t meet these criteria can choose the next best rate of 0.94% (2.6% APRC) with a lower fee of £ 999, also from HSBC. For more information, see our five year fixed rate mortgage chart.

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