The newly formed team for renewable energies at Twain will become a veteran in the field of energy project finance. conduct

NS. LOUIS, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Twain Financial Partners is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Park as Director of Renewable Energy Business Development. The hiring of Mr. Park is part of Twain’s drive to become a leading provider of comprehensive financing solutions for renewable energy projects with a focus on the solar industry.

Matt Badler, Managing Director and Principal of Twain, sees Michael as having a vital role in supporting energy project developers as the only source of efficient and creative capital. “Many developers in the solar industry struggle to balance multiple sources of capital for tax equity investments, construction debt and permanent debt,” he said. “Michael brings in both the lender and developer perspective – through deep developer relationships – to provide essential support to ensure energy project developers have access to the most appropriate financing products through a single organization.”

In his previous role at Live Oak Bank, Michael served as Vice President of Energy & Infrastructure, funding large solar projects for utilities, municipal solar systems, and distributed solar power generation. Before joining Live Oak, he was vice president of both a water infrastructure developer, Greenprint Partners, and a fintech financing energy efficiency company, Noesis Energy. Early in his career, Michael was a senior investment officer in the US Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office and vice president of the National Cooperative Bank, where he helped set up the renewable energy loan program.

Twain Financial Partners is an investment company based in St. Louis, Missouri with more than $ 4 billion of assets under management in the area of ​​public-private partnerships. The company operates with a variety of asset types and specializes in tax credits, structured debt, and real estate transactions. Twain works with financial institutions and corporations to structure and manage investments that offer attractive economic returns and social benefits.

SOURCE Twain Financial Partners

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