Electron beam energy reconstruction for neutrino oscillation measurements

  • The CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer was developed and built by the CLAS Collaboration and the Jefferson Lab. The data acquisition, processing and calibration, Monte Carlo simulations of the detector and data analysis were carried out by numerous members of the CLAS collaboration, who also discussed and approved the scientific results. The analysis presented here was carried out by M. Khachatryan, AP, AA, A. Hrnjic and AN under the guidance of AA, FH, OH, E. Piasetzky and LBW and checked by the CLAS Collaboration. S. Dytman., M. Betancourt and KM provided expertise on neutrino scattering. S. Dytman, GM, S. Dolan and SG helped develop e-GENIE. P. Coloma performed a simulation of the DUNE sensitivity to the vibration parameters and determined the influence of our results on the fit.

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