15 highest-paid CEOs in financial services: 2021

Pandemic? What pandemic?

In executive compensation, increases continued into FY2020 as if the pandemic weren’t going to besiege the country, according to the 14th edition of the Equilar 200, published in partnership with. has been published The New York Times.

The report analyzes CEO salaries of US public companies with revenues greater than $ 1 billion.

Equilar said in a statement that the CEO’s salary packages have increased largely because compensation is primarily provided through equity or the rights to acquire shares in the company, either through continued service in the position (time-based) or through unique, in-depth meetings becomes benchmarks (performance-based).

According to the report, top earners on this year’s elite list will often receive multi-year equity grants to be paid out over an extended period; 2020 was no different.

These awards will be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission as a total value based on the stock price on the date they were granted, regardless of the time horizon in which they may be earned.

In cases where a CEO receives such a salary package, he or she will rarely appear that high on the list in the next issue, Equilar noted in a statement.

In other words, executive compensation reporting is primarily forward-looking. This means the ravages of the pandemic, especially among the largest companies, are unlikely to be reflected across the 2020 salary packages.

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