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Last month, the Bank of Kigali migrated to a new core banking system, including accelerating the lender’s digital transformation ambitions as part of efforts to improve service delivery.

The development, bank officials say, brings with it a natural opportunity to reassess and even improve the overall customer experience.

The new system will also rank the bank among the major lenders using the latest banking software and driving growth and expansion.

However, to break down the move further, The New Times, Edwin Ashimwe, met with Desire Rumanyika, BK’s Chief Operating Officer, who discussed the expected results of the new system and addressed the post-migration customer experience challenges.


The Bank of Kigali recently migrated to a new core banking system. Can you tell us more about the expected improvements in the bank’s operations?

The new core banking system brings great value to our customers. We are currently open 24/7 to all customers using our channels, which has not been the case in the past.

In addition, we also expect better products, as the new core banking system creates the basis for better services for our customers. For us as a bank, this is an exciting step, but also more customer-oriented.

After the migration, there were many complaints about wire transfers, push-pull, and bill payments. What is the current progress in stabilizing these services?

First of all, it is important that we as service providers apologize. We have experienced some instabilities since the date of the migration, but I’m happy to announce that our channels are now stable.

Customers can conduct transactions and we will also refund any customers who lost money in the process. So far, most of them have been reimbursed and we are working 24/7 to reimburse those that have not yet been reimbursed.

I would also like to let customers who are still having issues with refunds that they can contact us through our Contact Center (4455) or [email protected] for timely assistance.

There are customers who were unable to access their accounts after migrating, are their funds safe?

I can confirm that your funds are safe. Some of our customers were unable to access their accounts due to restrictions being migrated from the previous core banking system to the new one. I want to reiterate that we are making no effort to lift such restrictions so that all of our clients can access their funds. We call on any customer who is still facing the same problem to contact us for help.

Can customers access their transaction history, especially for the period prior to the migration?

Even if the transaction history was not migrated to the new core banking system before October 15, 2021, customers can contact us through our Contact Center at 4455 and [email protected] for assistance in retrieving the statements of these accounts.

BK account numbers have changed after the migration, how can customers find out their new account numbers?

The accounts were changed after the migration to the new core banking system, but nothing to worry as customers can still use the old account numbers to access their funds. However, every time customers receive their bank statements, they will see the new account.

There are now complaints from the long lines in the branches, are there any plans to address this problem?

Absolutely. One of the reasons we changed the core banking system is so that the bank can build even more digital products.

We aim to transition from a traditional bank to a digital bank that enables customers to do business on the channels. I urge our customers to continue onboarding the channels so that we have many customers who act digitally.

In addition, we are planning to deploy employees in various branches to draw attention to our digital channels.

We are optimistic that once we have reached the critical mass of transactions on the channels, the pressure on our branches will decrease and the queues will decrease as well.

The channels built on the system are stable and the call is to seize the 24/7 opportunity.

We are assuring customers a better experience and calling on them to trust the new banking system. The bank has invested heavily in maintaining a new core banking system that offers new products, new features, and new layers of security that are overall more convenient, especially when customers are doing transactions.

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