Keep Scotland Beautiful supports Home Energy Scotland with the certification as Carbon Literate

Keep Scotland Beautiful supports Home Energy Scotland with the certification as Carbon Literate

Work with Home Energy Scotland, Environmental Protection Keep Scotland beautiful has developed and delivered bespoke climate emergency training for employees that embed carbon literacy in practical advice from experts to help people reduce their carbon footprint and keep warm at home.

As of 2019, over 100 people from the Home Energy Scotland network have participated in climate emergency training, including frontline advisors from all areas of the service.

Home Energy Scotland’s expert advisors provide free and impartial advice on installing energy efficiency measures such as low and zero emission heating systems, active travel and sustainable transportation, energy saving behavior changes, reducing water waste and more with the aim of combating climate change and increasing energy poverty fight.

The courses examined the science and effects of climate change and demonstrated practical steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Home Energy Scotland employees started verifying their own carbon footprint. They also learned new constructive approaches to discussing the climate emergency with households and helping them make the connections between saving energy, paying for their energy bills, and reducing the CO2 emissions that cause climate change.

Participants were asked to select both an individual and a group action to reduce carbon emissions in order to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of carbon emission sources and solutions. Those who pass will receive Carbon Literate accreditation.

Harry Mayers, Head of Home Energy Scotland, said: “Our consultants, specialists and support teams are already doing an incredible job helping people across Scotland reduce their energy consumption and keep warm at home. This training consolidates your knowledge of CO2 savings and gives you the confidence to apply this advice to tackling climate change.

“We recognize the critical importance of this training and look forward to continuing our partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful to develop in-house our future capacity to deliver accredited climate emergency training.”

Catherine Gee, deputy general manager of Keep Scotland Beautiful, added: “We are delighted to have developed a bespoke climate emergency training course for Home Energy Scotland.

“The climate crisis and Scotland’s path to net zero will require us all to develop new skills and knowledge. So we are delighted that so many Home Energy Scotland employees have taken this training and are able to apply it to their roles.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Home Energy Scotland to help them incorporate emergency climate training into their operations.”

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