Excessive-Efficiency Timer In C# – CodeProject

The first call, QueryPerformanceCounter(), queries the actual worth of the high-resolution efficiency counter at any level. The second function, QueryPerformanceFrequency(), will return the variety of counts per second that the high-resolution counter performs. To retrieve the elapsed time of a code part, you have to get the actual worth of the excessive-decision efficiency counter immediately before and immediately after the section of code to be timed. The distinction of those values would indicate the counts that elapsed whereas the code executed.


Eero was an early pioneer of the mesh networking method, and in 2019, it received scooped up by Amazon. Then, http://www.niknews.mk.ua/2021/08/31/kak-vzjat-pervyj-kredit/ in 2020, we bought two new variations of the Eero mesh router: the Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6, both of which add in assist for — you guessed it — Wi-Fi 6.

A great number of math activities could be accomplished with month-to-month calendars. Familiarization actions embrace discovering specific dates, determining which day of the week it is, marking essential events on the calendar, and figuring out the number of days in each month, week or 12 months. Additional activities mainly embody elapsed time actions where students find the number of days, weeks and/or months between two dates or find a date a sure number of months, weeks and/or days in the future or the previous. Of course, these calendars can also be used as regular reference calendars by anybody.

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