How One Can Function A Forklift Safely (and Keep Away From Widespread Safety Hazards)

At the start of every shift, an operator should carry out a pre-operation inspection. Forklifts are sturdy machines, however they expertise put on and tear over time. Just as a pilot will personally inspect an aircraft earlier than taking flight, a forklift operator must ensure his or her car is in form to perform tasks. Below is an instance of the tasks included on a basic security checklist for pre-operational inspections. Remember that one sort of forklift won’t have precisely the identical checklist objects as one other.

Caterpillar: EFX410, EFX413, EKX410, EP18KT, EP20KT, ET3500, ET4000 Crown: SC524X-35, SC524X-forty Hyster: J35XMT, J35XMT2, J40XMT, J40XMT2, J35ZT, J35XN, J35XNT, J40XN, J40XNT Hyundai: 18B-7, 18BT-7, 20B-7, 20BT-7 Linde: E18, E20 Mitsubishi: FB18PNT, FB20PNT, FBS18, FBS20, FB18KT, FB20KT, FB20NT Nissan: E-4000, E40, E50, E5000, PE40Y, PE40YEE, PE50Y, PE50YEE Raymond: 4450-C35, 4450-C40 TCM: FTB16-four Toyota: FBA10, FBA15, 2FBCA20, 2FBCA25, 5FBC18, 5FBC20, 5FBC25, 7FBEHU18, 7FBEU20 Yale: ERP035TD, ERP035TF, ERP035TG, ERP040TD, ERP040TF, ERP040TG, ERP035TH, ERP040TH, ERP035VF, ERP035VT, ERP040VF, ERP040VT

– Alabama

– Alaska


– Arkansas

– California

– Colorado


– Delaware


– Georgia

– Hawaii

– Idaho

– Illinois

– Indiana

– Iowa

– Kansas

– Kentucky

– Louisiana

– Maine

– Maryland

– Massachusetts

– Michigan


– Mississippi

– Missouri

– Montana

– Nebraska

– Nevada

– Hampshire

New Jersey

– New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

– North Dakota

– Ohio

– Oklahoma



– Rhode Island

– South Carolina

– South Dakota

– Tennessee

– Texas


– Vermont

– Virginia


– West Virginia

– Wisconsin

– Wyoming

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