Doxim is partnering with Neocog Technologies Inc. to provide an integrated solution for secure, cloud-based document storage for customers of the credit union

Figure 1: Doxim / Neocog integration improves document access and security, supports targeted marketing initiatives, and facilitates the transition to paperless lending

Doxim Inc., (, a leading provider of automated account openings, cloud-based enterprise content management and advanced document processing solutions for financial services providers, today announced a partnership with Neocog. Technologies Inc. to provide secure cloud-based storage for all documents accessed by Neocog ACE CRM users.

In cooperation, Doxim and Neocog will provide a bidirectional interface between Doxim Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) and Neocog ACE CRM. In this way, any document uploaded to Neocog ACE can be forwarded and stored in Doxim’s secure online document archive. It also enables seamless access to all documents already stored in Doxim ECM via the Neocog ACE CRM user interface. These documents can include monthly statements, check images and year-end tax forms.

For many users, Neocog ACE CRM is the first choice for many of their daily activities in order to save customer documents such as account opening information (e.g. KYC documents) or other documents in Doxim ECM and still be able to access them quickly and easily via the ACE interface greatly improves user productivity.

Main advantages:

  • Simplified and transparent access to the entire collection of member files stored in Doxim ECM increases employee efficiency and improves member service
  • Reduced effort by uploading files to a central location that can be integrated with several other locations such as online banking portals
  • Increased data security as all documents are stored in Doxim’s CSAE 3416-compliant cloud infrastructure, creating a secure, authoritative source for customer-related documents.
  • Ability to use Doxim’s eDocument features, which allow members to access a wide range of documents through their online banking portal

Business intelligence for document-based campaigns

The partnership between Doxim and Neocog will also enable Neocog Cognito Data Warehousing and Data Mining users to analyze data by customer segment and use this to significantly reduce the demographic targeting of marketing messages in customer statements, direct mail or other correspondence that may be required to improve targeting a specific demographic group.

Paperless Lending Strategy

The product-level integration between Doxim ECM and Neocog ACE CRM will also facilitate the introduction of paperless lending for users of the Neocog Intellilender application. This allows credit documents to be created, executed and archived online without having to print out credit files. Once these documents are saved in Doxim ECM, they can be easily accessed via the ACE CRM user interface or made available to members via their online banking portal.

Quotes from executives

“Our recent field research has identified differences in the way customers store different types of documents. Some were saved locally in Neocog ACE CRM, others remotely in Doxim ECM. The latter were not easily accessible to ACE users. This integration offers a neat solution to these problems and offers the possibility of storing all critical customer documents in Doxim’s secure online document repository and accessing them seamlessly from there. It’s a win, a win, a win for Doxim, Neocog and our many mutual customers. ”

Chris Rasmussen, President and CEO of Doxim

“Doxim and Neocog are both focused on delivering the best products and services tailored to the needs of the mutual customers we serve. It is therefore particularly gratifying when partnerships like this one can lead to new offers that offer our mutual customers such immediate and tangible advantages. ”

Chris Palmer, President and CEO, Neocog

About Doxim

Doxim develops and supplies automated account opening software, cloud-based enterprise content management and advanced document processing solutions for financial service providers and their outsourcing partners. These solutions are used by thousands of customers in banks, credit unions, asset management and investment brokers to create, deliver and manage business-critical documents and content more efficiently and cost-effectively. Doxim’s solutions help these organizations improve customer communication, streamline document access, and meet the stringent compliance requirements associated with the issue and delivery of documents in transactions. Doxim is an SSAE16 / CSAE 3416 compliant organization. Learn more at

About Neocog Technologies Inc.

Neocog Technologies delivers solutions that strengthen the entire company. Neocog’s Member 1st suite of solutions, ACE, Cognito and IntelliLender, empower employees by giving them a solid 360 degree view of their members, the ability to process and approve loans quickly and efficiently, and manage easy access to key information for strategic decision-making Offer. Neocog Technologies provides sales and service solutions for many of Canada’s leading credit unions, including Meridian and Libro Financial Group in Ontario, Conexus and Affinity in Saskatchewan, Servus Credit Union in Alberta, and Westminster Savings Credit Union in British Columbia.

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