Children to Wealth advocates financial education for children and young people

In a relatively independent approach to financial education, the company places a greater emphasis on community children and youth. “It has never been more expensive for our children not to have the financial knowledge they need in life,” said the founder. “The Children To Wealth program is essential for children and adults to offer culturally relevant books on subjects ranging from the history of money to taxes, savings, credit, life insurance and real estate.” One of the company’s main tenets is that To teach basic financial principles not covered by academic institutions in order to create a generation of financially knowledgeable, responsible and empowered youth. The company is headed by Dre Mudaris, an American innovator, motivational speaker, and financial literacy activist who operates out of his hometown of New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia. His dedication to filling the gaps in people’s financial literacy led him to found Children To Wealth, a private education company providing business and personal finance literacy, utilizing a combination of curated educational products, books and seminars around the world.

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Children To Wealth is a catalog of years of experience and extensive knowledge, bundled into innovative, parent-approved and age-appropriate educational content that schools and families use to build financial trust in their children and help them transition into adulthood as they move away from Keep away from the usual financial mistakes of others. The learning material is accompanied by quizzes, games, courses, flash cards and audiovisual materials, which are intended to promote a bonding experience between the children and adults while learning together.

The Children To Wealth program, inspired by its visionary director, pursues a holistic methodical approach with the aim of imparting a positive money culture to children as early as possible and giving them a head start on their path through life. In addition to the extensive material, the platform emphasizes lifelong habits of continuous learning and investing. The company’s mission is to ensure that every student who completes the program is able to develop a money-making strategy, prioritize spending based on needs and wants, set financial goals with practical strategies, and work towards them and make sound financial decisions about spending. eat and invest.

The Children To Wealth program is set to expand to even more states inside and outside the United States over the next few years, particularly in underserved communities, and hopes to instill hope, ambition and innovation in the youth of society – leading to a better world for all.

To learn more about the Children To Wealth program, visit the official website.

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  • Children to Wealth advocates financial education for children and young people
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