Equity Report, The Most Unlikely Health Insurance For Latinos In The Chicago Area

Chicago (WLS) – With COVID-19 continuing to disproportionately affect the color community, analysis by the ABC7 data team reveals significant barriers to medical access in the Chicago area. Latinos are the least likely to have health insurance.

Leslie Tenorio, program coordinator for HACES, or Hispanic American Community Education and Services, said:

In our area, Latino health coverage is worst in the northern suburbs of Lake County.

According to an analysis of the US census data, the Latin non-insurance rate in Lake County is 19%. That’s more than six times that of whites.

“The result of a large uninsured population is that we don’t seek treatment until a particular community is urgently needed, which can be too late,” said medical informatics and technology. Director Jefferson McMillan Wilwhitt said. Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center.

The Lake County Health Department has partnered with the Latinx community organization to help people get health insurance.

“Just because someone looks like you, speaks your language and has that relationship with you, we know we’re really successful,” he said.

Experts cited language barriers, citizenship status and a lack of trust in government agencies as obstacles to increasing Latin health insurance rates.

“The system is complex. People are scared of how much they have to pay, ”said Esther Sciammarella, general secretary of the Chicago Hispanic Health Union.

Earlier this year, Illinois became the first state to offer public health coverage to all low-income, non-citizenship seniors, including undocumented people.

In addition, children under the age of 18 in low-income households are insured through the Illinois All Kids program regardless of immigration status.

Public health officials in Lake County and the Chicago area have multiple undocumented residents over the false belief that applying for these programs could jeopardize the country’s future. He said he was scared.

“For someone who is not a US citizen receiving assistance from a government agency, trust is a challenge,” said McMillan-Wilhoit.

Tenorio says HACES is working to educate Latinos about health insurance options and costs.

“We have a lot of contact, which informs them that they are right,” she said.

In the Chicago area, analysis of the census data shows that uninsured Latinos have rates over 16% or four times higher than whites.

It’s not just the threat of diseases like COVID-19. Public health professionals are concerned about the stress of uninsured individuals unable to receive the care they need on a daily basis.

Sciammarella said the health system needs to be more culturally competent to raise the premium rates for minorities.

“We have to adapt the system to the cultures of the people,” she said.

This report stands for the new Equity Report, one of the few data tools that aims to provide solid numbers behind racial inequality in Chicago and the largest cities in the United States. It’s part of the upbringing.

This is a way to measure, track, and empower communities to highlight their ongoing reporting efforts to create a fairer city.

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