The Energy rally is causing major problems in Europe


Energy prices are rising from the US to Europe, and while this could spark a good upward trend for energy companies, it is causing a crisis for those who rely on Europe. BSF SE and Aurubis AG are the leading manufacturers of chemicals and copper on the continent, but energy prices are eating away at their margins. Large British fertilizer manufacturers cease plant production in Norway. Gas prices in Europe have risen by almost 200% and input costs have doubled as a supply crisis hits the West. This deficiency is painful on the front side with high input costs, but also on the seller side. Higher energy costs consume more of the household budget and cut retail spending. Goldman Sachs assumes that the disaster will last into winter and warns of power outages if consumption is not restricted. Finsum: This is the time to increase the share of American energy prices. Energy shortages are not good for anyone, but oil and gas are drain valves.

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