Greg Bellamy’s occupational insurance plans have celebrated the safety of health professionals for more than three decades

Greg Bellamy has made a name for himself in the Kentucky insurance industry for continuing to ensure that all categories of clients served by his insurance agency Professional Insurance Plans have the best experience possible. The company has repeated its commitment to ensuring the safety of individuals and businesses, particularly in the medical field, through competitive insurance policies.

“I recently bought my first car and went to PIP for my insurance. I had never taken out insurance before and they explained the policy and coverage thoroughly so I could understand. I thought it was stressful but they made it very easy. I can warmly recommend your service to everyone! ” said Noah Ragland.
Millions of people around the world are still struggling for the protection they deserve despite the tons of insurance providers in the market. While the case is no particularly different in the United States, the team at Professional Insurance Plans (PIP), led by ardent insurance professional Greg Bellamy, ensured that Kentucky businesses and individuals did not suffer a similar fate.

Professional Insurance Plans has built a reputation for working with its clients to determine the policy that best suits their needs, as opposed to the flat-rate approach most insurance providers take. The different categories of products offered by PIP include life insurance, disability insurance, healthcare professional insurance, and many others. Professional Insurance Plans also has a blog that is regularly updated with the latest information from the insurance world as well as advice and tips for customers.
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About professional plans

Founded in 1991 by Greg Bellamy, Professional Plans has provided competitive insurance policies to a variety of industries and individuals for nearly three decades. However, working with the Professional Plans team is different from any other insurance provider; We are consultants, we work directly with you and, most importantly, we treat each customer like a person and a customer, not an old number.

With that ethos and the best attitude in the industry, the team now offers a variety of popular products including life insurance, disability insurance, healthcare professional insurance and more. In fact, the team even posts additional insurance tips on its blog up to four times a month for free. That is the difference between any “other” insurer and the team that has you in view from the first call. Therefore, contact the Professional Plans team with any insurance needs, packages or questions.

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