Desired changes in mortgage regulations and the inedible truth about our national debt

Cairn Homes CEO Michael Stanley has written to the Central Bank Governor Gabriel Makhlouf asking a switch from enforcing “blunt” credit-income restrictions on mortgages to a debt service ratio to help alleviate the state’s “housing crisis”. Joe Brennan knows the details.

It is believed that Ireland’s monster debt was brought there by a gang of renegade bankers. And that is what we were as a people Victim of a terrible injustice. However, as Eoin Burke-Kennedy tells us, the truth is stickier and more inedible than the bar stool narratives we tell ourselves.

The restrictive policy in response to the last economic crisis were a mistake That has prolonged the recession, said the European Commission’s chief economist in an interview with Naomi O’Leary.

State airport operator Daa has warned of its longstanding efforts to ease flight restrictions on the new € 320 million runway in Dublin, which is due to open next year may not be finally decided by early 2024. Joe Brennan reports.

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A lack of relaxation rooms for undisturbed work leaves the very correct impression that employees are not valued very much, writes Pilita Clark how she fights the scourge of the noisy work colleague.

In our Opinion slot on Monday, Niall O’Grady, Managing Director

of Linked Finance, argues that a recovering economy must be able to stand on its own and not rely on government support.

Iput, Ireland’s leading commercial real estate investment group and developer, said it plans to cut carbon emissions from new developments and major refurbishment projects by 40 percent among his plans to hit net zero by the end of the decade, writes Joe Brennan.

In our Inside Business Podcast Cliff Taylor is joined by Ifac’s Chief Economist Eddie Casey and Kevin McLoughlin, Head of Taxes at EY Ireland, to discuss what is likely to be included in next month’s budget package and what role taxes could play in balancing the books. They also discuss the OECD’s global tax reform and its impact on this country.

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