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A dairy on the Sunshine Coast has implemented an irrigation energy management option based on the energy audit report it received through the Energy Savers Plus Program Extension.

As part of the program, the company received an AgVet Energy dairy energy audit and an irrigation energy audit carried out by The Energy Guys, both of which were commissioned by QDO.

Replacing a 5 acre area of ​​their high pressure hard-tube irrigation with low-pressure solid-state irrigation has not only improved energy efficiency, but also increased water, labor and production efficiency.


QDO staff conducted an irrigation performance test to assess the actual energy savings and results achieved since implementing a recommendation from the energy audit.

The pump efficiency has increased from 48 percent to 53.9 percent.

Since the irrigation system requires a lower pressure to operate, the energy consumption for the amount of water pumped has also been reduced from 571 to 472 kWh / ml.

The irrigation of the 5 ha with tough hose travelers consumes over 3000 kWh / year.

The solid set system saves just over 500 kWh / year with the same amount of water.

The catch can data show that the uniformity of the distribution from 48.7 percent to 80.97 percent and the uniformity coefficient from 73.6 percent to 87.08 percent have been significantly improved.

Improved uniformity will increase the level of production.

To achieve the same plant water needs and pasture as the hard-hose irrigation devices, the new system will only use about half of the water due to the significant increase in irrigation efficiency and uniform application.

The increase in pasture production will be the main benefit for the business.

A potential increase in pasture production of DM 20 tons / year could save the company $ 5,000 per year.

The company invested approximately $ 45,000 in the irrigation project.

From the above savings, we calculated a payback period of 7.8 years and a return on investment of 13 percent.

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The story that Dairy’s Irrigation Energy Audit Pays off first appeared on the North Queensland Register.

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