Nadia Lims Dancing With The Stars Food and Energy Secrets

“I always thought these were incredible skills for life,” said Lim. “I was always pretty shocked that something like this is not compulsory at every school.”

She has been involved with the charity since graduating as a Masters Chef eight years ago and says a living memory is one of her driving forces.

“It’s that memory of those kids who were sitting at a table so excited and so excited to eat and share what they’d just grown and cooked … … It was really cool.”

Lim says the life skills that come with charity are endless.

“You will learn how to grow your own food so that there is economic benefit and, of course, a lot more nutrients.

“Then you know going outside is great for your sanity. When out in the sun, you get that dose of vitamin D and are less likely to have that much screen time. Fast forward to the future, you will. I don’t rely on takeout so much because you learned these skills in the kitchen. “

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