Insta Snapshots and Home Renovations: How Brits Risk To Cancel Their Insurance

Research reveals the most common mistakes people make that can void their home or car insurance.

The biggest mistake with home insurance was leaving a window open when going out, a mistake made by more than a quarter (27 percent) of those surveyed by MoneySuperMarket.

The second most common mistake (16 percent) was posting vacation pictures on social media, signaling potential intruders that the apartment is empty.

Another mistake 16 percent of respondents made was not filing home renovations with an insurer – something that applies to larger projects like home expansion that boomed during the lockdown.

When it comes to auto insurance, 16 percent of drivers are unaware that changing jobs or job title without notifying their insurer could invalidate their policy. This is followed by driving a pet with no restraint in the front passenger seat (15 percent) and a car accident without you notifying your insurer (11 percent).

Praksha Patel-Shah, insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said “seemingly innocuous acts” can lead to further problems when filing a claim.

She said, “If you haven’t read your policies in a while, read them again to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions to ensure you have the right coverage for your needs.”

Top Ways People Unknowingly Have Voided Their Auto Insurance

  1. Job / job title changed, but not informed your provider – 16%
  2. Driving unhindered with a pet on the seat – 15%
  3. Had an accident where your car was damaged but the insurer was not informed – 11%
  4. Error updating your primary address – 7%
  5. Provided incorrect information to your insurer about the place where your car will be staying – 7%

Top Ways People Unknowingly Canceled Their Home Insurance

  1. When leaving the house / apartment a window is left unlocked – 27%
  2. Posted a picture on social media while on vacation – 16%
  3. Renovate your house / apartment without notifying your insurer (e.g. loft conversion) – 16%
  4. Leaving a door unlocked when leaving a house – 12%
  5. Had a friend who stayed over a month – 10%

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