UPDATE: Gunfire investigations caused multiple closings on the Marquette Interchange

TO UPDATE: The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office posted an update on the closure of portions of the Marquette Interchange today. The reason was an incident with gunfire.

The first incident occurred around 6:40 a.m. when a motorist reported seeing a speeding red vehicle traveling south on I-43 around Wisconsin Ave between the ages of 20 and 30, pulling alongside her and firing three shots on their vehicle. She did not report any vehicle damage.

It wasn’t until about three hours later that she reported the incident, which prompted an investigation for a little over 90 minutes into the area that blocked the highway’s lanes. The sheriff’s office found three cartridge cases.

The investigation remains active and anyone with relevant information is encouraged to call the Milwaukee County Dispatch at 414-278-4788.


MILWAUKEE – A bevy of closings from the Marquette Exchange this morning for what the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office calls “alleged criminal activity.”

The following streets are closed:

  • Southbound traffic on I-43 will be diverted at the Marquette Interchange – either west on I-94 or east on I-794.
  • The west-south access from the I-94 to the east on the I-94 / 1-43 to the south will be closed at the Marquette.
  • East-to-south access from I-794 south to I-94 / I-43 south will be blocked at the Marquette.
  • The ramp to 11th Street will be closed.

You can find an interactive traffic map here.

This is a development story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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