As part of the “Save Like A Pro” campaign by Smart Energy GB and EFL, the trotters give their fans an unforgettable training session

The Bolton Wanderers gave one lucky fan the chance to learn how to save like a pro with their goalkeeper, Joel Dixon.

Ahead of the new season, 21-year-old Tom Russell, who has played for teams across the Northwest including Irlam, was invited to the Eddie Davies Academy for professional goalkeeping coaching and tips on how to save energy on and off the pitch .

The session, held by Andy Fairman, the Wanderers’ first team coach, put Russell through its paces and showed him how to conserve, conserve and conserve energy on the net by various means.

The training session was organized as part of the “Save Like APro” campaign by Smart Energy GB and EFL, which highlights how installing a smart meter can help people make small changes at home to save energy and better control their energy bills.

And 27-year-old Dixon, who joined Bolton after six years at Barrow AFC, emphasized the importance of saving energy on and off the pitch.

“As a goalkeeper, you have to save energy by making small side-to-side movements rather than large,” said Dixon.

“We had Tom with us and put him through a few exercises to make sure he knew how to save your energy on short bursts.

“If you read the game, you can use your energy efficiently, just like you save energy at home with a smart meter.

“I would recommend all Bolton fans to have one installed in their home so they can control their energy usage, which could help save money.”

Smart meters come with an in-house display so users can easily see where energy is being used, which means they can make small changes to be more efficient and budget-friendly.

Russell was delighted to return to Wanderers for Smart Energy GB and EFL’s Save Like A Pro campaign

They also put an end to the cherished bills. The session marked the return of young shot stopper Russell to where he began his football journey with the Bolton Wanderers.

And the 21-year-old was delighted with how the day went.

He said: “The session was about reactions, stopping quickly, handling volleys and it was just a really good experience – it was about saving energy in the goal.

“It is extremely important as a goalkeeper to be able to save energy on the pitch.

“If you think a game lasts 90 minutes and you may need to save at that last minute, you need to have that energy to save.”

Some of the tips discussed for saving energy off the field were to use less appliances and lights in the summer months, hang the laundry outside instead of using a dryer, turn the appliances off standby and cook for everyone at the same time Oven to use less.

Hillingdon Times: The session was held by Andy Fairman, the Wanderers' first team coach, and put 21-year-old Russell through his pacesThe session was held by Andy Fairman, the Wanderers’ first team coach, and Russell, 21, was put through his paces

Others involve talking to your utility about installing a smart meter to monitor your usage, with prepaid customers being able to top up on the go or online.

Robert Cheesewright, Director at Smart Energy UK, said: “Footballers and goalkeepers need to know how to save their energy on and off the pitch, and the same goes for our own energy use at home.

“With a smart meter from your energy supplier, you have one less worry due to automatic billing and more control over your energy consumption.

“The display at home allows you to see in almost real time how much energy you are using in pounds and pence – which means like our goalkeepers you can make some great savings today.

“Take part in the energy transition and help improve the UK’s energy infrastructure by installing a smart meter at no additional cost.”

If you would like to register your interest in installing a smart meter, please contact your energy supplier. Smart Energy GB and the EFL partnership: save like a pro. For more Information at

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