The independent non-executive director of New Fortress Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: NFE), John Mack, just bought 1.5% more shares

Those who follow with New Fortress Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: NFE) will no doubt be intrigued by the recent stock purchase by John Mack, the company’s independent non-executive director, who spent a staggering $ 526,000 on stock at an average price of $ 26.30. There’s no denying that a purchase of this magnitude suggests a belief in a brighter future, although we note that it only increased their stake proportionally by 1.5%.

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The last 12 months of insider trading at New Fortress Energy

In fact, the recent purchase by independent non-executive director John Mack wasn’t the only acquisition of New Fortress Energy stock that year. Previously, they made an even larger purchase of stock valued at $ 957,000 at a price of $ 39.88 per share. That means an insider was happy to buy stocks above the current price of $ 27.41. While their view may have changed since the purchase, it at least suggests that they had confidence in the company’s future. From our point of view, the price an insider pays for stocks is very important. In general, we are more positive about a share if insiders have bought shares at prices above the current price, as this indicates that they also see the share as valuable at a higher price.

New Fortress Energy insiders may have bought but not sold stocks in the last year. Their average price was about $ 30.92. This is nice to see as it implies that insiders could see a value close to current prices. You can see insider transactions (by companies and individuals) over the past year in the graph below. If you want to know exactly who sold how much when, just click on the graphic below!

NasdaqGS: NFE Insider Trading Volume August 21, 2021

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Does New Fortress Energy have high insider ownership?

Many investors like to check how much a company has heard from insiders. A high level of insider ownership often makes company management more attentive to the interests of shareholders. New Fortress Energy insiders own approximately $ 2.8 billion in shares (that’s 49% of the company). I like to see this level of inside ownership because it increases the chances that management will think in the best interests of shareholders.

What Do Fortress Energy’s New Insider Deals Show?

The recent insider buying is encouraging. Long-term insider transactions also give us confidence. However, we note that the company has not made a profit in the past twelve months, which makes us cautious. Combined with notable participation from insiders, these factors suggest that New Fortress Energy insiders are well matched and may think the stock price is too low. I like to see that! In addition to knowing about insider trading, it is beneficial to identify the risks that New Fortress Energy is exposed to. To do this, you should find out about the 4 warning signs We spotted with New Fortress Energy (including 1 potentially serious).

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For the purposes of this article, insiders are persons who report their transactions to the competent supervisory authority. We currently account for open market transactions and private dispositions, but no derivative transactions.

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