Green Tag General Contracting offers new ways of generating and harvesting energy from moving vehicles

United Arab Emirates-based contracting company Green Tag General Contracting is excited to announce a new discovery in the way we generate and extract energy. The company offers a unique and innovative method that relies on generating energy generated by moving vehicles and then harvesting that energy for reuse, reassignment and conversion elsewhere in an area.

The founder of Green Tag General Contracting, Omar Al Jaeedi, recently spoke about the company’s technological advances: “We call this new technology Motional Generator technology because it makes better use of the regenerative movement of vehicles with the aim of generating electricity and energy . We see the development of this technology as a big step in terms of climate change and sustainability and hope to continue to meet the needs for future technological development and innovation as the energy sector certainly requires new advances. “

In essence, MG is an energy recovery mechanism that uses the kinetic energy generated by a moving vehicle. From there, this energy is converted into electrical energy that can be used immediately or stored in additional batteries that are installed within the device and built into a vehicle.

“The best thing about this new technology is that it can be used in virtually any type and size of vehicle currently in use around the world. In addition, we can install several resistance-free systems in one vehicle to generate even more energy. This exciting development will not only pave the way for more efficient electric vehicles, it will also help spread energy abundance around the world to places that are working to implement advanced infrastructures for the purpose of energy sustainability. “

To learn more about this advanced technology, visit Green Tag General Contracting today by clicking the link below on their website:

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