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Asset Management and Mutual Funds Podcast – Irish Investment Limited Partnerships

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Changes to the Irish Investment Limited Partnerships legislation were made in December 2020 to reflect changes necessary to update that legislation with features in other Irish structures (such as the ICAV). The aim is to make the Irish ILP structure the preferred vehicle for EU mutual funds structured as partnerships.

In the latest installment of the Asset Management and Investment Funds Podcast, Sarah Cunniff, Partner, shares an excerpt from a recording of a special webinar on Irish Investment Limited Partnerships that aired on January 15, 2021 in which Dara Harrington, Partner, and Ian Dillon, partner, attended. Sarah is also supported by Tara O’Reilly, partner, who has provided some updates since the webinar first aired.

This article is a general summary of developments and is not a complete or final legal statement. Special legal advice should be obtained if necessary.

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