Writer Andre Ramirez publishes The Wealthy Crew Member to teach filmmakers financial planning secrets

The 1st edition of “The Wealthy Crew Member: Simple Steps you can take to spare, investment and plan for pension while working behind the scenes” helps filmmakers to get their finances in order.

Written by author Andre Ramirez, the book introduces a unique money management system specifically designed for movie industry crew members who can accommodate times of inconsistent pay, especially for freelancers in the entertainment industry.

Tailored for crew occupations in the entertainment industry, the book contains a range of practical advice that is easy to understand and divided into individual chapters. For those involved in set design, head lighting, production departments, behind the camera, or even directing, the book contains a wealth of knowledge in the form of actionable goals that can be achieved in long-term financial planning decisions.

The language of “The Wealthy Crew Member” has also been adapted to the language of the crew members so that it is aligned with the perspective of the entertainment industry.

Receiving a host of positive reviews from crew members and film industry professionals, Ramirez gives filmmakers a greater sense of financial security and helps them make smarter, more informed financial decisions.

With many film teams working at different times and often in unpredictable patterns, it is harder to be financially smart when it comes to planning ahead, and especially for retirement. This is also the case in the post-pandemic world, where production schedules and the way we make films and TV episodes have changed significantly, requiring a better understanding of the financial landscape and resilience to economic change.

From budgeting to investing, Andre Ramirez’s latest book offers filmmakers a comprehensive guide to financial success. Have you ever thought about planning your financial future as a crew member?

If you are currently concerned about money management and are saving enough for the future, buy your copy of The Wealthy Crew Member on Amazon today and start making changes to support your long-term goals.

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