Tesla is now offering third-party installers the full “Tesla Energy Ecosystem” to accelerate expansion

Tesla has now added solar modules to its offering for third-party solar installers in what is now referred to as the full “Tesla Energy Ecosystem”.

Inspired by Tesla’s partnership with third-party roofing companies for solar tile installations, the move is intended to accelerate Tesla Energy’s expansion.

Tesla has worked with third party installers for years on products like Powerwall and Wall Connectors – basically products with the word “wall” in them.

But things have really improved with the solar roof.

Last year, Tesla launched a program to certify roofing companies for the installation of Tesla solar roof tiles.

CEO Elon Musk even attributed a major force in accelerating installations to one of these partners, Weddle and Sons Roofing:

“Working with Weddle and Sons Roofing was a great collaboration to speed up the installation of Tesla solar roof! That is a lot of work, because tens of millions of households need solar roofs! If you are a roofing company, please consider adding Solar Roof to your listing. “

Tesla is aiming for its energy division to become a global decentralized utility company and has now clearly moved away from installing that energy capacity itself.

Instead, the company wants to own the “energy ecosystem” to control electricity, like its recently announced virtual power plant in California.

Now Tesla is even starting to use third-party installers for its Powerwall, EV charger, and its new 420-watt solar panel.

These installers are starting to promote this as providing the Tesla “ecosystem”.

A good example is SUNation, a Long Island-based solar installer who is one of the first to offer the new Tesla solar module:

“SUNation offers a variety of Tesla solar products. These products include the ALL NEW Tesla 420W Solar Panel, Tesla Powerwall, and Tesla EV Charger. Tesla products are top-notch when it comes to efficiency and durability. Each product is designed to maximize the potential of your home’s solar panels. In combination, you can transform your home into a Tesla ecosystem. “

Sources familiar with the matter said Electrek expected more third-party installers to begin offering the “Tesla Energy Ecosystem.”

Elektreks take

One of the main catalysts for the step towards the use of the “Tesla ecosystem” by third-party installers is the expansion of the hardware with the Tesla solar inverter.

With the gateway of the Powerwall, Tesla already had an “energy brain”, but now also the hardware for the brain of the solar power system.

It’s a big step in turning Tesla into a solar hardware company, and through that hardware it can now leverage its important energy software products like its virtual power plant and things like Autobidder.

I think we’re witnessing an important effort by Tesla to popularize its energy ecosystem.

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