Coleraine, web-based insurance software company, recognized for promoting gender diversity

The Covernet team is delighted to have been recognized by the Diversity Mark for its commitment to promoting gender diversity and inclusion.

As part of Prestige Insurance Holdings – a group of insurance companies that offer specialized products and services in insurtech, broking and underwriting – the Covernet team was awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark for its continuous work alongside the other companies within the group Accreditation by Diversity Mark awarded.

The Diversity Mark is awarded to companies based on an independent assessment process that ensures that they have achieved the required standard for their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. It is a “sign of progress” that publicly declares that a company is committed to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace for the benefit of all employees.

Covernet CEO Lee Stuart shared his pride with his team for the role they played in helping Prestige Insurance Holdings earn the Bronze Diversity Mark. “At Covernet we have always been fully committed to gender diversity and inclusion in our workplace and we are excited to be part of the group’s efforts to achieve that recognition.

“In recent years it has been well documented that women are underrepresented in STEM professions. At Covernet, we pride ourselves on having many talented women in managerial positions who are key to growing our business. Developing and maintaining a diverse workforce is encouraged across the company and is an integral part of our graduate recruiting program.

“In the last 12 months alone, we have welcomed eight graduates, four of them female. Through our academic partnerships with local universities, including internship and graduate positions, we are excited to offer careers in the technology industry that are locally based but work for national and global brands. “

Lee continues: “As the preferred employer in the MINT area, we are proud of our diverse workplace. Our success has always been driven by our team – it has defined the values ​​that our customers know us and continue to embody them by including respect, diversity, inclusion and open-mindedness. “

The accreditation process and application framework for the Diversity Mark allow organizations to identify and take action on any institutional barriers for minorities and underrepresented groups that may affect their career development.

The Diversity Mark assessment committee provides independent expert feedback annually to help organizations create a work environment in which everyone feels valued, is treated fairly and respectfully, and has equal access to opportunities.

Obtaining bronze accreditation confirms Prestige Insurance Holding’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Together, the group of companies is focused on achieving more in the future, including developing a group-wide equality, diversity and inclusion strategy and policy.

Christine White, Head of Business at Diversity Mark added, “We are delighted to recognize Prestige Insurance Holdings Limited with the Bronze Diversity Mark accreditation. Our independent evaluation panel welcomed your well-constructed and carefully thought-out submission, which shows an interweaving between your individual objectives that represents a high level of ambition to improve gender diversity across the group. We congratulate everyone at Prestige on this achievement and look forward to working with them in developing their diversity initiatives in the years to come. “

The reviewers also recognized the continuing passion, commitment and perseverance of the organizations that were awarded the seal of approval for diversity this year.

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