A slightly different testament: the moving gesture of the flying doctor from beyond the grave

Now, two years later, the family hopes to locate those present and give them the assigned portion of the estate “to thank them for their support and love.”

While the law firm representing Andrew’s estate has a “good record” of funeral attendees and footage from the trial, they don’t have contact details for many of the attendees, according to The Courier Mail.

In the hope of locating everyone present, a notice has since been published in the newspaper asking everyone who attended the funeral to report.

“If someone who attended the funeral (and has not yet given their details to the executor or his lawyers) would like to contact the lawyers listed below, giving their full name, address, contact details and their relationship or connection with the deceased , ” It is reading.

A notice was released in the hope of finding all attendees at the funeral. Source: Herald Sun

The gesture was praised by friends and family who claimed Andrew was a “handsome” and “very intelligent young man”.

Speaking to The Courier Mail about the decision, his secretary from his time as Nursing Director at Logan Hospital, Sharon Kelly, said it was no surprise to hear of Andrew’s will.

“I could see him doing something like that,” she explained. “He was a lovely man, very generous with his time, very dedicated and funny.”

Meanwhile, his father told Graham that they are still grappling with the loss of their son two years later.

“Australia lost a very smart young man who could have achieved a lot more,” he told the news agency. “It was really tough and we think of Andrew every day.”

Another piece of Andrew’s estate was reportedly given to a friend in London while he wanted another third to go to a charity that supports gay men struggling with depression. Meanwhile, his piano and musical equipment were given to Christopher Wells.

Do you have a will Have you ever heard of someone doing something like this?

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