PLUG + your next 1,000% new energy game

New energy is burning!

I’m excited to say that it will be a super trend to see 2021.

Some of my readers are sitting on a massive 1.155% open gain in just over three years from a single new energy stock: Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG).

On top of that, the same group following my Super Bull strategy has seen three more open triple digit gains (300% in two years, 176% in one year, and 174% in just seven months!).

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Also, special guest Ian Dyer today unveiled a huge new energy forecast for 2021. One is set to increase 1,000% over the next few years.

Watch this week’s Market Talk to find out how you can kick off the new energy boom in 2021 today:

Mega investment opportunities in new energies

Today we focus on mega investment opportunities in the new energy market.

For those new to energy investments, new energy – also known as renewable or clean energy – is energy from natural sources.

Like geothermal energy, which is heat and water in the earth. Hydropower is energy that, like dams, is generated by water. And wind, that is electricity that is generated by large wind turbines. Solar is electricity from the sun that is used by devices such as solar panels.

And biomass, i.e. energy that is obtained from organic materials such as plants, residues and waste. New energy investments are hot and getting hotter. Just this week, Bloomberg data showed that new energy stocks rose to a 12-year high versus stocks of oil companies.

According to Bloomberg, this signals growing investor preferences for investing in clean energy, which is good news for new energy stocks as they continue to rise. Solar, one of the leading new energy investments, is becoming more mainstream as falling battery costs continue to fuel the market.

Bloomberg puts it this way: “Falling battery costs are in part due to Tesla’s inspired EV growth and are opening up new energy storage markets for solar equipment providers.” A prime example of falling solar costs is solar Tesla roofs.

As Teslarati reported this week, Tesla’s solar roof is becoming a “legitimate bargain against high-end roofs plus solar”. According to Teslarati, Tesla’s great-looking solar roofs are estimated to cost around $ 2.11 per watt installed, which is more affordable for competitors.

As for my three R’s – Restock, New Inventory, and Reshore – predictions for America’s 2.0 economic recovery, new energy has a rightful place under the third R, Reshore. The increase in US import tariffs on solar panels has spurred new energy production in the US and is most likely to continue through 2021.

This will create more green jobs and energy innovations in the states. So that plays into the prognosis of my three R. Over the course of 2020, new energy stocks hand-picked by our team have gone through the roof.

They were on fire, as we say here at Bold Profits, especially for members of our stock trading service Extreme Fortunes, which subscribers are now seeing open profits of 1,108% at Plug Power, a renewable energy company. In addition, three other energy recommendations from Extreme Fortunes show three-digit gains compared to yesterday’s closing price.

2021 new energy forecast

It may not be the most conventional new energy prediction, but we are going to see a boom in US lithium production for their US battery manufacturing.

It’s an untapped market. We have the fifth largest lithium reserves of any country. There is a lot that we don’t use that we could use. With all of these lithium reserves, we could produce a lot more EV batteries. We could create a lot of jobs here and produce a lot.

Plus, Tesla’s production has been such that the number of cars it will make will increase by 1,000% over the next few years. There is a big market that we don’t really take advantage of. We just added a lithium producer stock to our Paul’s Secret Portfolio newsletter.

It’s a great time to get started. All of the lithium stocks, which are pretty speculative at this point, really skyrocketed when Elon made that announcement on Battery Day, but they were down a bit. They’re still insanely cheap to grab the opportunity early on.

The price of lithium is also low. It’s been down 60 to 70% over the past few years because they believe there is an oversupply. What they don’t take into account is the demand that they will see with all of these new electric vehicles and the conversion of the grid into energy storage.

If that all develops, the demand for lithium will go through the roof. We think this is a great game with new energy. We are looking for opportunities in this. There’s not much out there right now because there really is only one lithium operation going on in the United States.

Many of these companies are currently in the development phase to achieve this. There will be a huge boom next year. We’ll hear a lot about lithium mining and production in 2021.

For 2021 we will keep all eyes on lithium.

US economic calendar this week

Finally, let’s turn to the US economic calendar, which will have eight major releases. It’s going to be an action-packed week. On Monday, Empire Manufacturing will be released at 8:30 a.m. in November. On Tuesday, October, monthly retail sales and monthly industrial sales will be published at 8:30 a.m. and 9:15 a.m., respectively.

On Wednesdays, weekly mortgage applications are posted at 7 a.m., while housing starts in October are posted at 8:30 a.m. On Thursday, weekly jobless claims are posted at 8:30 a.m., while the leading index for October and existing home sales are posted at 10:00 a.m.

We’ll be looking at all of these releases, that’s how action-packed it will be. Throughout the trading week we publish the results of our #BOP – bullish, optimistic, positive – picking up most of these releases.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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