Healthy dog ​​was euthanized after the owner left the order to be buried with her

A healthy dog ​​was euthanized by a veterinarian despite having no health problems after its owner stated in her will that she wanted to be buried next to her beloved pooch, causing outrage among people who accepted the last demand of the “selfish” Woman struck.

The Shih Tzu cross named Emma was laid down earlier this year and buried next to her recently deceased owner, reports WWBT news.

The woman from Virginia, USA, had put her pet to sleep on her will and despite the efforts of the veterinarians trying to convince the family to act against their will, the healthy dog ​​was unable to complete its life.

At the beginning of March, after the death of her owner, Emma was first taken to the Chesterfield Animal Shelter in Virginia and stayed there for about two weeks until the woman’s relatives picked her up and had the four-legged friend stored in another clinic.

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