Atlantic Key Energy named fastest growing solar company in Florida

CED Green Tech honors AKE with the 2020-2021 Green Flash and Green Partner Award.

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Winter Park, FL – (ReleaseWire) – 6/30/2021 – Atlantic Key Energy, an industry leader in responsible installation of solar energy, has been named Fastest Growing Solar Company by a leading manufacturing group.

CED Green Tech has awarded Atlantic Key the Green Flash and the Green Partner Award 2020-2021. As the nationwide leading distributor of solar systems, CED Greentech has an extensive on-site inventory of products from leading manufacturers in the solar and electrical industries.

“The award exemplifies all of the hard work AKE has put in three years to deliver affordable, environmentally friendly energy to thousands of customers in the South,” said Brian Schonbeck, Founder and CEO of Atlantic Key Energy.

In just over a year, Atlantic Key Energy has installed over 2,200 solar systems in the southeastern United States.

“Solar energy is about doing the right thing for customers. We work diligently to educate our customers and the community about the long-term value of solar energy,” said Frankie Grezaffi, COO of Atlantic Key Energy. “Our growth is testament to the company’s commitment to be professional and an important part of the communities we serve.”

Atlantic Key Energy serves communities across the Sunshine State from Pensacola to central Florida and the coast to South Florida. The company has expanded to Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina with 16 local offices and over 700 employees.

AKE plans to cover the entire Atlantic coast from Corpus Christi, Texas to Maine. Over the next year, the company aims to triple its size and expand into three new states to help families transition to solar energy.

“In view of the daily increasing demand for electricity, it only makes sense that customers take their energy into their own hands,” said Schonbeck. “Utilities agree that solar is part of our energy solution. Utilities spend billions selling electricity, but with a solar system, customers are in control and not entirely dependent on the utility to dictate prices.”

Atlantic Key Energy excels in project management and customer service. The AKE team trains the customer, installs the solar system and coordinates the connection between the house meter and the public power grid, also known as the solar network.

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About Atlantic Key Energy Solar
Atlantic Key Energy is an industry leader in responsible installation of solar energy. Atlantic Key Energy helps homeowners generate clean roof power and secure affordable energy prices through free appraisals, training, installations and excellent customer service. Through energy experts, AKE helps homeowners to assess whether their houses are already qualified for solar conservation. AKE received the 2020-2021 Green Flash and Green Partner Award from CED Green Tech. AKE hopes to extend its reach to the entire east coast. To learn more about Atlantic Key Energy, visit Facebook and Instagram or visit their website

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