LeBron James sends annual financial statements to Warren Buffett

LeBron James at Liverpool FC

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LeBron James and Warren Buffett exchange emails from time to time, and apparently LeBron does send him annual financial statements every now and then, he told Lee Jenkins on a major Sports Illustrated profile this week.

LeBron spoke about the USA-Lithuania game from the Olympics as he left his tangent:

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I emailed Warren Buffett about this. I’m an Akron kid who lived in poverty for a long time and I sometimes send financial reports to one of the richest people of all time. It’s kind of scary. I’m like, ‘Why is he talking to me?’ Anyway, the email was about representing your country. It’s not about sports. It’s about everything else. It is about anyone who has ever set foot on US soil. You start to remember the lost lives, the troops, the real superheroes. That went through my head. You talk about a load or a weight, it couldn’t be more difficult. And then it crossed my mind, you’re here for a reason. It’s time to make a game.

The quote is kind of ambiguous. LeBron just slips in the business of the financial statements without much explanation.

But the bigger point is that LeBron has an occasional email exchange with Warren Buffett.

We will have more details from the excellent SI story later. Read it here when you have some time. >

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