Powerley Introduces Powerlync ™ – Makes Home Energy Management Mainstream

ROYAL OAK, Michigan – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Powerley today announced the launch of Powerlync, a breakthrough in energy management packaged in an affordable smart plug. Designed for mass appeal and easy installation, Powerlync looks and works like a smart plug while connecting to:

  • The house’s electricity meter – enables real-time energy management for the whole house and large devices without additional hardware.

  • The smart home ecosystem, including Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa – enables scenes and routines that provide greater efficiency and control over mobile devices and voice.

  • Smart home devices – like thermostats, lights, plugs, and more – give users the energy insights they need to make the right energy decisions.

“With over 300,000 households using Powerley’s solutions today, Powerlync will accelerate the adoption of energy management,” said Manoj Kumar, Powerley CEO. “We are building on the company’s five-year tradition of providing households with insights in order to proactively control their energy and CO2 footprint.”


Powerlync was developed in partnership with leading power companies and was designed from the ground up for mainstream energy management. Powerlync solves the key challenges that hampered energy management adoption over the past decade and adds value to utilities and their customers.

  • A trifecta to promote mass adoption. Powerlync removes the barriers to broader adoption of energy management – cumbersome installations, high hardware costs, and limited usability. Smooth, intuitive, and inexpensive, Powerlync delivers instant energy insights to your phone, the Internet, or your voice assistant at half the price of a typical smart plug.

  • The potential of smart meters has finally been tapped. Electric utilities have invested billions today in building a network of over 100 million smart meters in the United States. Powerlync uses the energy signals already in the household and transforms them into new insights, services and tools for utility customers.

  • Energy interactions vs. transactions. Powerlync enables the digital energy experience for utilities that consumers expect today. Rather than relying on dated monthly energy bill data, Powerlync provides instant and personalized energy advice at the critical moment – promoting customer loyalty and a new relationship with utilities that goes way beyond billing.


With wider adoption and engagement in the energy space, Powerlync will increase the impact of utility programs at a much lower cost and provide benefits for the entire utility. Through Powerlync, both customers and call centers have access to real-time energy management tools and insights to reduce billing-related issues. With timely, progressive tariff advice, utilities can shift demand while helping their customers save more. By adding electric vehicles (EV) and distributed energy resources (DER) to energy management, Powerlync will help utility companies create a cleaner energy future.

To learn more about Powerley’s energy management solutions, visit powerley.com.

About Powerley

Powerley is the world’s leading provider of home energy management. We help households cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint as we continue our transition to a clean energy future. We do this by giving utility customers the ability to see where they are wasting energy and control them via their smartphone, the internet, or even voice. This experience is possible because we work with utility companies – giving their customers instant access to the data and insights they need to make the right energy decisions, cut their bills and make the world greener. To learn more about Powerley, visit powerley.com.

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