5 Places to Get Free Financial Advice

Today, many Americans are looking for financial advice more than ever as many U.S. states are entering their fourth month of protection and tens of millions of jobs have been lost since March, the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re looking for advice on retirement, college savings accounts, emergency funds, health insurance bills, or anything finance-related, the video above lists five places to get accurate money tips for free.

Additionally, everyone is offering free consultations to help you manage the economic fallout from the pandemic.

Nine out of ten US adults said in a survey in early April that the coronavirus pandemic had caused them financial stress. Free financial services can be invaluable to those in need of advice or help, especially Americans who have directly felt the effects of the losses caused by the pandemic.

One more note: if at any point you are looking to hire a financial advisor, make sure the person is a trustee. A trustee must act in the best interests of its clients and provide clients with the highest standards of care and diligence.

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