Mark Cuban: Trump is a “paper tiger”

Donald Trump has touted his net worth of $ 10 billion, but Mavericks owner Mark Cuban doubts it will actually help the real estate tsar in his campaign as a GOP presidential candidate.

In comments published on his Cyber ​​Dust app, the Cuban called Trump a “paper tiger”. Here are the highlights compiled by the Dallas Morning News:

– Let’s say you own a painting valued at $ 10 billion. That gives you a net worth of $ 10 billion. But that doesn’t mean you have a lot of money

– Indeed, it is possible to be worth billions but not be able to pay the rent

– And one of the things about running for the presidency is that it takes a lot of CASH

– No net worth. Cash register. Cash register. cash register

– We haven’t seen Trump spend a lot on building an organization. Is crucial to get votes. We still have to see that he raised money from supporters.

– Who feels the need to donate money to a man who says he is worth $ 10 billion?

In a subsequent Cyber ​​Dust session, Cuban wrote that part of him hopes Trump becomes president just because of his comedic potential:

Apparently the fun never ends. @mcuban Cyber ​​Dusting again via @realDonaldTrump. A bit like this cyber dust.

– Brad Townsend (@townbrad) July 21, 2015

As the Dallas Morning News has also quoted, Cubans and Trump have a history of dissecting each other.

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