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Robinsons Bank Corporation, also known as RBank, is a commercial bank providing banking services to private and business customers in the Philippines. The bank was founded in 1997 and is based in Quezon City with offices in the Philippines. Robinsons Bank is the financial services arm of the JG Summit Group of Companies and is one of the fastest growing commercial banks in the Philippines in terms of capitalization and asset size.

Miles Software was founded in 1999 and initially offers products and services for financial services worldwide. The company’s flagship product is MoneyWare, which covers the entire business life cycle of wealth, asset and portfolio management. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company was acquired by the Indian subsidiary of Ebix, the global provider of on-demand software and e-commerce services.

Project details:

Robinsons Bank was in the midst of a transformation project to transform its IT environment for its trust business with a plan to replace its legacy system with MoneyWare to meet its day-to-day business needs, support new business strategies, and keep pace with regulatory compliance. Ebixcash Financial Technologies implemented its MoneyWare Trust Banking Solution v17 to support the bank in its transformation goals. For the program, the solution comprised modules such as investor servicing, fund / portfolio management, business analytics and reporting, client portal, portfolio performance and risk analytics. The implementation was carried out by Robinsons Bank’s wealth operations team and went live in December 2019. Ebixcash deployed a business analyst and several technical resources on the project.


During its analysis, the solution provider found that the legacy system had several differences in terms of accounting entries, revaluations, provisions and amortization compared to its Moneyware solution. These differences were the hardest part of the project as Ebixcash had to adapt the existing data to the format of their system. Data comparison meant the comparison of balances, recalculation and adjustment / correction of data as part of the migration. Project implementation was standard and straightforward with minimal adjustments and integrations to meet regulatory requirements such as compliance with PFRS9, Anti Money Laundering Act (GwG), Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA), etc.

Aside from the functional side of the project, Ebixcash ensured that the project complied with the basic IT requirements and the bank’s guidelines, which were monitored by the IT audit. Appropriate business continuity plans, implementation and network planning were also drawn up during the implementation.


The solution followed the PFRS 9 standards, taking into account all internal audit results. All accounting requirements and postings, calculations, evaluations, reports complied with the recommendations of Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines).

In order to meet the diverse and varied requirements of Robinsons Bank, various MoneyWare modules have been integrated. One such module was Moneyware Integra, which was implemented to meet fund management and client management needs. The fund and portfolio management requirements were met by Moneyware Fundware, which was implemented and integrated into Integra. For the requirements of business analytics and reports, Ebixcash has teamed up with SAP for the SAPBO reports. Performance and risk analyzes were carried out by Moneyware Portfolio Risk Analytics, which was implemented and integrated with MoneyWare Fundware. Moneyware Client Portal was implemented as a customer portal and renamed Robinsons Bank MyWealth. This application has been integrated with the bank’s personal online banking application / site, which is accessible to all fiduciary customers.


One of the most important factors for project success was overall governance. Officials from different trust groups were assigned to represent their teams / groups, with the shop steward having a practical role in the project. Regular and consistent project meetings were held in order to coordinate all results and measures with all relevant teams at the bank and Ebixcash. External and internal auditors were also involved before the project was rolled out to ensure that the project was in line with normal technical and business practice.

Effects on the customer:

With the successful implementation of Moneyware modules, Robinsons Trust fulfills the regulatory and auditing requirements. The bank has benefited from the solution’s flexibility to deal with ever-changing regulations, policies, and taxes. The solution has enabled the bank to have a more flexible business strategy where strategies are not constrained by the performance of the software or application.

The solution has resulted in greater efficiency through automation and automatic data correction. It also looked at upgrading the IT environment needed by the bank, which would give users greater convenience in terms of usage and accuracy, and which would allow Robinsons Bank to achieve its goal of digitization.

IBSI view:

The program was a classic case of a simple implementation with great benefits for the bank. Ebixcash has successfully resolved the complications resulting from multiple rounds of data migration and multiple ad hoc requests through innovative solutions. This accelerated the process to meet the bank’s needs and helped streamline the process through increased automation.


Bank: Robinsons Bank
Bank headquarters: Philippines
Solution partner: Ebixcash Financial Technologies
Solution: MoneyWare

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