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Mark Cuban’s money won’t come through that door.

Many believe IU coach Archie Miller’s signing on is the biggest obstacle to his dismissal. And because he’s the most famous wealthy Indiana grad they know, fans reflexively spit out Cuba’s name in response to that financial hurdle.

But Indiana’s most famous billionaire alumnus is on record. Despite being a passionate fan, there will be no Cuban intervention. In an interview, he playfully stabbed the fan base he counted himself among last week.

“Let me tell you about IU fans,” Cubans told the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “What I love most is that each of us is a coach. You know basketball better than any coach the IU has ever had. “

If he’s honest, Cuban would acknowledge that there is a coach that Indiana fans could admit that he knows a little more about basketball than they do.

Cubans visited Indiana during the golden age for the basketball program. He graduated in 1981, the same year the Hoosiers won their fourth national title and second from legendary coach Bob Knight.

Kuban’s billions came mainly from his passion for IU basketball. Before the Internet, he had friends in Indiana who put Don Fischer’s radio show on a speakerphone so he could hear the Dallas games. In 1995 Todd Wagner came to Cuba with the concept of broadcasting sporting events over the Internet. Four years later, her company sold for more than $ 5 billion.

Now Indiana fans are turning to Cuban asking him to share some of that wealth if things don’t go well.

“Whenever there is a bad game, I get emails from Hoosiers telling me to buy the coach because they played a better team outside of the borders than [insert the coach’s name here] has, “Cubans told the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “That has been going on for almost 20 years.”

The billionaire from Miller’s hometown of Pittsburgh was more than generous when it came to sharing his fortune with his alma mater. He donated $ 5 million to create a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, student-focused video, broadcast and technology center in 2015. The Mark Cuban Center for Sports Media Technology is located in the home of IU basketball in Simon Skjodt. Auditorium.

“Whatever I give to the IU, it will only be a fraction of what Indiana University gave me,” Cuban said at the time of his gift.

But when it comes to his alma mater, don’t expect the Cuban’s cash wealth to be focused on anything other than what he deems to be worthy philanthropic endeavors.

Many schools across the country have wealthy alumni who are more than willing to write checks to fund coach changes. Cuban is of course not the only wealthy IU basketball fan, just perhaps the most famous. While the buyout of around $ 10 million may seem like insurmountable money to many, it is a rounding error to some.

But the money won’t come from Cuba’s sofa cushions.

“I’m not getting involved at all. I’m here for Coach Miller to help him, not to replace him, ”said Cuban. “This is a crazy year all along the line and I love IU and IU basketball, but I’m not one to panic either.”

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