Mark Cuban comments on Derrick Rose’s comeback season

Derrick Rose confirmed tonight that he will actually play the Dallas Mavericks. Rose sustained a sprain in his right ankle that has kept him out of rotation for the past six games. He will return to his six-person role as Jeff Teague is also back from injury and will resume his starting roles in the line-up of interim head coach Ryan Saunders.

Rose stated that he would listen to his body and try not to overwhelm himself in today’s game. Plus, with the talent on the Timberwolves list, Rose shouldn’t have to play outside of his game. Rose was asked if he’d probably be better off sticking to the 30-minute limit?

“Probably, but Ryan and I were talking about the logs and I think he understands where my body is and we’re both on the same page,” said Rose.

The Wolves are playing the first of back-to-back games, and Rose stated that he would love to take it day in and day out to see how he feels tonight and then possibly move on to play tomorrow. If he can play, he’ll certainly play, and if it were up to him Rose wouldn’t want to miss any games, but he has to be strategic and listen to his body.

NBA fans have voted in droves during the previous NBA All-Star vote in favor of Rose, who currently ranks second in the Guard after Stephen Curry with just under 2 million votes after filing the second returns in the West. He’s happy to see he’s still near the top, but Rose hasn’t been paying too much attention and if he doesn’t make it into this year’s squad he would be heading to Malibu for the All-Star weekend.

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– 2019 NBA All-Star (@NBAAllStar) January 10, 2019

Recently, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got involved in the season Rose is having so far.

“He was a machine. It’s the comeback season of all comeback seasons except the guys come back right after an injury. He shot 45 or 44.7 percent or whatever it’s ridiculous, congratulations to him, ”Cuban told me.

. @ drose was a machine this season, says @mcuban #Alleyesnorth #Derrickrose 🌹 #NBA #MFFL

– Landon Buford (@LandonBuford) January 11, 2019

The Mavericks are currently leading the season streak with the Timberwolves with a game against none going into today’s meeting at the Target Center. The last game will take place in Dallas on April 3, 2019.

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